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Top 5 Tips for a Successful PPC Campaign

A small business can effectively rely on pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns to make their presence known far and wide. With Google constantly changing algorithms, businesses have to invest in marketing strategies that are strong and effective in delivering the desired results. And whoever told you that this has to be run with a huge budget did not want your business to benefit from this effective marketing campaign; this can actually be achieved on a budget that fits your business. Here are some tips that will help you run an effective PPC campaign:

Doing Market Research

You’ll need to run ongoing research, in order to learn more about the market’s needs and desires. You can use surveys, exit interviews, focus groups and mobile research to gather data. Collecting this data will help you cut your costs and build a strong campaign out of evidence-based decisions.

Conduct a PPC Keyword Search

By using a keyword planner with the recently collected market data, you can also use the established keyword and phrase research tools to carry out a comprehensive list of the keywords which can make your presence on the web known as well as making it easy for visitors to find your business and products. Once you have these details, test the combinations of keywords and phrases to see which one will have a direct impact. If you’re using Google Adwords, you can have a look at the suggested bid column to get more information on this.

Exact Match vs Broad Match

There has been an argument between those who insist on narrowing your net and casting too wide in order to net more people in an attempt to improve your business performance online. While casting the net wide has an advantage such as more traffic, when it comes to PPC campaigns casting it narrow or exact match yields the greatest results. You want to make every penny count, you want to target people who are likely to visit your page, then click and actually buy your products. This will require the use of keywords which are effective, the kind that shoppers are truly interested in.

One at a Time

One might be tempted to spread PPC targets across several platforms but as experts warn, this may lead to loss of important data. Focus on one at a time; start with Google since this is where the majority of web users start. Use the generated date to make decisions. Also, constantly re-evaluate the data and make adjustments in order to improve the conversions.

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