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Every company is different. See the unique projects we have completed.

In today's day and age it may feel overwhelming to reach your end customer. With all the noise that people are exposed to, your company's message is just getting lost. What's worse, trying to find the marketing solution that will work for your business is nearly impossible to juggle along with your other responsibilities.

At Outside the Box Design, we work with each client to learn what makes your business unique. Then we learn the customers and business objectives that you want to achieve. Once we have that information, we work to create a one-of-a-kind plan that will best suite the your company. Whether it's a website redesign or a comprehensive campaign, we complete projects that will cut through the noise and get in front of the your perfect audience.

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willington pizza

Willington Pizza

Willington Pizza is a nationally recognized Pizza chain located in Willington, CT. We aren't joking when we say their website looked like it was from the '90s (1997 actually). The first thing we did was created a visually engaging website that showed off the award-winning food they make. We have also been consulting them on marketing and SEO strategies. You can view their website here.


Personalized Precision Rx

Personalized Precision Rx (PPRx)is an Rx management company created to give employers and employees better solutions to manage the Rx spend. This company is another business that we helped get off the ground. We created their website as well as create marketing infographics and collateral. You can view their website here.

hoyt insurance

Hoyt Insurance

Hoyt Insurance is a small insurance agency with offices in the Greater Hartford area. When we started working with them they had little to no online presence and were relying on word of mouth to get more business. We created a simple and responsive website to act as the base of all future marketing activities. We also created a new logo that brought that showed them off as the modern and honest company they are. You can view the website and logo here.

Between rounds bagels

Between Rounds Bakery Sandwich Cafe

Between Rounds is a local cafe and coffee shop in the Greater Hartford area. When we first started working with them, they had a website that was hard to use and unresponsive and an SEO company that wasn't doing them any favors. After an introductory meeting, we decided the best way to start would be a responsive website and a new spin on their old look. You can see their awesome website here.

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