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Every company is different. See the unique projects we have completed.

In today's day and age it may feel overwhelming to reach your end customer. With all the noise that people are exposed to, your company's message is just getting lost. What's worse, trying to find the marketing solution that will work for your business is nearly impossible to juggle along with your other responsibilities.

At Outside the Box Design, we work with each client to learn what makes your business unique. Then we learn the customers and business objectives that you want to achieve. Once we have that information, we work to create a one-of-a-kind plan that will best suite the your company. Whether it's a website redesign or a comprehensive campaign, we complete projects that will cut through the noise and get in front of the your perfect audience.

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emergance llc


Emergence is a non-profit company that aims to serve underprivileged youth in Connecticut. They wanted to boost their brand potential before hosting their inaugural fundraising event with a website so they came to us. They were on a deadline so a small website needed to be created in 10 days. We were able to rise to the challenge and deliverer ahead of schedule. The new site is helping Emergence to promote events, scholarship opportunities, and ways to get involved.


Connecticut Fence Works

Connecticut Fence Works is a company fencing company that serves both commercial and residential customers throughout Connecticut. They were part way through a redesign when they hit a bit of a hiccup. They needed someone to finish their redesign and get them over the finish line. After reviewing their current website, we helped them to simplify their new website with a focus on education and conversion. The website is successfully garnering more attention and leads.

tizeda spices portfolio image

Tizeda Spices

Tizeda Spices creates a variety of Caribbean spices that fill a vital need in the local community. As a start-up, they needed a website and marketing advice quickly and at an affordable cost. We met with them several times to understand what made their business special. From there, we created a website that not only showcased their passion and products, but that was optimized to grow. From there, we also suggested other marketing tactics that would promote the best return on investment; taking their business from a start-up to a full fledged company.



InspireMyKids is a blogging website that publishes inspiring content for kids. When we first met with InspireMyKids, they needed a website that was not only mobile responsive, but that could showcase their content in a more engaging way. We moved their website to a new host and completely redesigned it from top to bottom. Immediately after launch, they saw a big jump in engagement. Sign-ups to their newsletter grew by 250% per day and the time on site rose significantly.

Affordable Fashion Readers

Affordable Fashion Readers

Affordable Fashion Readers is an online glasses store that sells prescription reading glasses and sunglasses. When we first met AFR, they were struggling to find a consistent way to bring in more sales. We started them off with pay-per-click advertising and it was off to the races! After the first three months, their sales were up by over 200%.

visionary health

Visionary Health & Benefits

Visionary Health & Wellness is a health insurance intermediary located in Hartford, Connecticut. Another one of our start-up brands, Visionary Health wanted to make a site that incorporated their brand and has robust quoting functionality. We built them a responsive site with API integrations to Google Drive and Constant Contact so they could always be on top of their clients. You can view the website here.

reliable office

Reliable Office Furniture Services

Reliable are office furniture experts located in the Greater Hartford area. The owner Rob Wilson came to us with a dream. With the launch of his company, we helped him to create a website that fit his brand. You can view the website here.

wendling quarries

Wendling Quarries

Wendling Quarries is the leading provider of sand, aggregate and drilling services in Iowa and Illinois. They came to use for a website refresh and functionality update. We helped them to build a new website and helped to update their branding. You can view their website here.

National Research

National Research

National Research is a national provider of pre-employment background checks. In the past, simple email marketing and mouth-to-mouth referrals kept them busy. However, the super-competitive market had caused their leads to dry up. When we started working together, we knew that PPC ads on LinkedIn were the perfect way to jump-start their business. After creating landing pages and running a campaign for 3 months, they saw a 300% growth in lead inquiries.

jowa llc


JOWA, LLC is a structural engineering firm that designs high-end residential homes in Southern New England and New York. The company had just started when we were initially brought on. We helped them to create a sleek and elegant brand, just like their designs through the creation of a logo and a new responsive website. After the website completion, we also consulted them on start-up marketing strategies to help them skyrocket in growth. You can see their site here.


IQ Telecomm

IQ Telecomm is a national telecommunications management company located in the Greater Hartford area. They were left in the dark in the middle of a redesign when their designer left. We came in and helped to rebrand the company. This included a new logo, a new responsive website, and marketing collateral. You can view their website here.

finer you pa

Finer You, PA

Finer You, PA is a plastic surgery practice located in Lakeland, Florida. We were originally approached by the practice head, Dr. Jacob Gerzenstien when he requested a few small changes on his website. The more we dug, the more we realized that a few changes weren't going to fix a broken website. At our suggestion, we created a brand new responsive website for the practice. Since then, we have been working closely on creating custom functionality and providing marketing advice and consulting. You can view their website here.

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