Email Marketing: Best Practices During the COVID-19 era

These tips will help your emails reach their intended recipients for your email marketing campaign.

COVID-19 has changed quite a bit about business. It changed where people operate. It changed how many people are needed to complete a job. It changed the way companies hold conferences and staff meetings. It even changed how companies market to their client base.

As a result of the COVID-related changes, businesses are utilizing email marketing more often. However, email marketing platforms are taking notice. They must compete in a competitive field. Therefore, they are watching what you send extremely closely.

They are starting to tag businesses sending out emails as spam, tossing many emails into the marketing graveyard known as the spam or junk folder. To ensure you reach all of your clients, it is best to follow some quick tips for your email marketing campaigns.

Below are some email marketing best practices to help keep your emails in your client’s inbox, not their spam box.

Create Valuable Content

When you create a marketing campaign, make sure the content brings value to your client base. You do not need to tell people what they already know. You certainly should not provide statistics of how people made decisions in the past year.

Instead, offer content that your client base wants to read. Talk about special promotions occurring in the next few days. Provide relevant current information that can affect their quality of life. Do your research to see what your competitors are sending out and what your client base wants to know. Then, create a better marketing campaign offering similar or better information.

Make Your Campaigns Impersonally Personal

Many times, marketing professionals want to send emails using a person’s name. They think they are making the email more personal. However, the truth is, many people see through the “personal” email and know it is an automated campaign.

In an effort to appear personal, you seem fake. You appear to underestimate your client base’s intelligence, making them more likely to avoid your products and services.

In the year of email marketing competition, an email marketing best practice may include making your emails less personal. By avoiding naming the recipient in the email in a greeting, you show your client base that you know you are sending an advertisement, and you know they know it as well. You acknowledge the nature of the email.

As a result, many recipients will be more likely to pay attention to the next email your send. They feel acknowledged as intelligent enough to know they are receiving a marketing email.

This theory is not to say personalizing an email is never appropriate. Each email campaign is different. Many times, a personal email is appropriate. However, when sending out an advertisement, your campaign can be impersonally personal as opposed to content.

Try Marketing Automation

In the age of COVID-19, we are busier than ever before. Many of us work from home. We juggle working, helping our children with school, and keeping up with our regular daily tasks. Therefore, we make every effort to find the easier, most productive way to complete our job.

In the world of marketing, that may include marketing automation. Marketing automation allows you to use specific software to target specific clients with specific marketing campaigns. You can input specific criteria, such as age, location, gender, and hobbies. Then create a campaign of several emails to release specific times on particular days of the week to reach your target audience.

The emails appear personalized and offer valuable information. In turn, you can use the feedback, such as who opened your email, to follow up with phone calls and create a lukewarm lead for your business.

Final Thoughts

In the age of COVID-19, email marketing became a staple for many businesses. Therefore, you must stand out from your competition. You must avoid the dreaded spam designation and blacklisting that can occur from poorly executed email marketing campaigns. Follow the golden rule of email marketing: Send emails you would like to receive.

To learn more about email marketing in the age of COVID-19, contact the experts at Outside the Box Design at (860) 375-0297. Our team will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Noah Vertefeuille

Noah Vertefeuille

Noah Vertefeuille is the mastermind behind the operations here at Outside the Box Design. His passion for innovation, creativity, and business stemmed from a young age. These interests continued to develop as he grew older and eventually led to him becoming one of the first graduates within the University of Connecticut’s Digital Media and Design program. Working years in the industry, he has acquired the experience and personal resources needed to provide an array of businesses with professional, expertly developed marketing services. Today, he leads the team here at Outside the Box Design to effectively transform the opportunities offered to companies of all sizes. If you’d like to personally speak with Noah, please feel free to reach out to him at



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