4 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Pay-Per-Click Company


Pay Per Click – Have you heard of the phrase, but don’t really know the best way to benefit from it? Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of the most solid marketing methods that many of the world’s largest brands use and for good reason too. It is an excellent strategy to gain immediate online presence on search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Pay Per Click advertising is skyrocketing in popularity in the internet marketing world of today, and that is simply because it provides a cost-effective and budget-friendly means to reach your target audience. While paid advertising on search engines may come off as complex or confusing to many who are new to it, there are a lot of companies that offer Pay-Per-Click (PPC) management services. So how do you know which company to entrust your PPC marketing dollars with, for maximum Return on Investment (ROI)? Here are a few of the things to avoid while you make your choice:

A PPC Company That Does Not Want to Understand Your Business:

Let’s say you are setting up a PPC account for a retailer selling baby wears, you should be different from setting up one for an industrial drilling business. The demographic differs and the buyers are not the same. The time of the day the buyers will try to find these products or services and the geographical locations where they are searching from could differ. Therefore a great PPC manager would not just create a one-size-fits-all campaign and pile in different keywords, rather they take the time to ask you questions about your products, your competition, as well as your customers, to best craft a Pay Per Click account that can be profitable. The more customized your PPC account is for your target market, the more effectively it is going to perform.

Lack of a Campaign Structure:

A good PPC management company should be willing to meticulously structure your accounts in AdWords. Each campaign should have multiple ad groups and specific clusters of keywords to focus on. Keywords from each ad group should be used as frequently as possible in the ad texts so as to further increase the overall relevance of every ad group. Mobile targeting as well as computer browser targeting really should be separated. The ads should be tested in order to accumulate data and improve performance.

Lack of Transparency:

Your PPC manager should be able to explain to you in plain terms, what they are doing with your PPC account, and why. You should also have direct access to your accounts so you can easily review the campaigns and generate questions. Phrases like – Just trust me, I’m the expert, are usually not very representative of a good PPC company.

A Company That Does Not Do Testing:

There is always that room for improvement in every Pay-Per-Click campaign. The best way to figure out what is working and what is not usually, is to test the strength of your campaigns, ad copy, ad groups and landing pages frequently. At the very least, a Pay Per Click company that you want managing your advertisement dollars, should always perform A/B testing on your ads by setting two or more ad copy styles to rotate evenly. Over time, you’ll be able to analyze the results from your copy tests in order to determine which language aligns the most with your customers. Once a winning ad is identified, similar formats can easily be used in the other ad groups.

So there you go. A few of the things to consider when searching for the right PPC Company to handle your paid advertising account. Always remember that choosing the wrong Pay-Per-Click company, could by any means set you back, and cost you a lot of money. Want to put us to the test? Learn more about our PPC management services.

Noah Vertefeuille

Noah Vertefeuille

Noah Vertefeuille is the mastermind behind the operations here at Outside the Box Design. His passion for innovation, creativity, and business stemmed from a young age. These interests continued to develop as he grew older and eventually led to him becoming one of the first graduates within the University of Connecticut’s Digital Media and Design program. Working years in the industry, he has acquired the experience and personal resources needed to provide an array of businesses with professional, expertly developed marketing services. Today, he leads the team here at Outside the Box Design to effectively transform the opportunities offered to companies of all sizes. If you’d like to personally speak with Noah, please feel free to reach out to him at noah@outsidethebox.design.



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